Guided Academic Industry Network (GAIN)

Bruce Quinn

Photo: Bruce Quinn | 2018 Summer Intern | Jaramillo Group

Purpose and Goals

GAIN is a new two-year internship program that provides experiences in materials research and development (R&D) both in academia and industry for community college students. The twin goals of GAIN are to create opportunities for students and to enhance the workforce pipeline for materials-focused industries.

The role of materials R&D in the economy is enormous but it is not widely recognized.Pervasive technologies like efficient internal combustion engines are enabled by results from materials engineering such as sensors and nanostructured alloys. Developments in many areas such as lightweight vehicles, medical implants, and consumer products will depend on progress in materials R&D. However, recognition among the public of materials R&D as a career choice lags far behind that of other fields such as computer science and healthcare. In addition, for a number of reasons the opportunities in materials R&D are not always available to community college students. 


Program Structure


Participants will be selected from Boston area Community Colleges. Beginning in the summer of 2018, we will work with two new participants each year, for a total of five participants over a five-year period. The summer interns will be full members of the Jaramillo research group during their time at MIT. In addition, the interns will be invited to participate in the social and career-training activities that are part of the internship program run by the Materials Research Laboratory (MRL) at MIT. Participants will spend the second summer at an internship at a local company. This internship is expected to last for eight weeks.  


Corporate Partners

  • 1366 (Bedford, MA)
  • Ambri (Cambridge and Marlborough, MA)
  • Saint-Gobain (Northboro, MA)
  • Veloxint (Framingham, MA)
  • Xtalic (Marlborough, MA)



Bruce Quinn | Roxbury Community College | 2018 Summer Intern | MIT | Synthesis and Hot Pressing of Sulfide Perovskites 

2019 Summer Intern | Veloxint


Mandalina Kozicki | Bunker Hill Community College | 2019 Summer Intern | MIT



We are grateful to the National Science Foundation for providing MIT with a five-year award (#1751736) to fund the GAIN program.